• 4 Duncombe Street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2LY
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Reviews for Golden Curry an Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Milton Keynes

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The BEST Indian in mk

The BEST Indian in mk, been going years will never change hands down the nicest staff so friendly and the best food!

Chelsea Coleman, Milton Keynes at Jun 10, 2022

Always an amazing takeaway

Always an amazing takeaway

Jane Gibbons, Milton Keynes at Apr 30, 2022

Always amazing food and service

Always amazing food and service either in the restaurant or takeaway

Julie Hughes, Milton Keynes at Apr 28, 2022

The food from here is ALWAYS amazing

The food from here is ALWAYS amazing. It’s the only place in Milton Keynes that I order again and again and again from.

Gareth, Milton Keynes, MK6 at Jan 9, 2022

Best Indian food in Bletchley

Excellent food. Lovely staff. Best Indian food in Bletchley

Susan Beaumont, Bletchley at Dec 11, 2021

Always a great meal

Always a great meal - top rated

Mark Amphlett, Milton Keynes at Oct 16, 2021

Order was spot on

Certainly our previous order was spot on... only small issue were that the potatoes were slightly undercooked.. my husband said it is the best Indian food he has had in 30 years. Yhe chicken was so tender and flavoursone . Already recommended to my parents to return to this restaurant who were customers in the 80s

Katherine Green, Milton Keynes at Aug 28, 2021

Great food

Great food, great service, never disappointed

Christine Capp, Milton Keynes at May 3, 2021

Prompt delivery and friendly staff

Prompt delivery and friendly staff. Only my favourite samosa is getting smaller. Onion bhaji size is still okay. Thanks

Marilyn Davey, Milton Keynes at Apr 16, 2021

Always good service and delivery

Always good service and delivery always eaten hear and eaten in/out restaurant.

Ashley Crane, MILTON KEYNES at Apr 2, 2021

Great service and no problems

Great service and no problems use them often


Tasty and well cooked

i have been using the golden curry since i moved to mk over 25 years ago,and always found the food tasty and well cooked

raymond reader, Milton keynes at Mar 26, 2021

We absolutely love the golden curry

We absolutely love the golden curry, and it’s the only curry house we will go to. Always an excellence service and we love the restaurant to.

Estelle Millburn, Milton Keynes at Mar 20, 2021

Superb quality

Superb quality food as always.

Adam Morrison, Milton Keynes at Feb 26, 2021

I love this place

I love this place, it’s been our go to Indian takeaway for the last 10+ years! They’re always so nice even if an order is wrong (very rarely). It’s definitely the BEST tasting one in Milton Keynes by a long shot!

Sophie Crookall, Milton Keynes at Feb 20, 2021

Always a great meal

Always a great meal - very prompt delivery

Joanna Falconer, Milton Keynes at Jan 1, 2021

The top curry restaurant

Another top year from the top curry restaurant.

Richard Moore, Bletchley at Dec 23, 2020

Love Golden Curry Balti House

Love Golden Curry Balti House. Best curry's in Milton Keynes. Tarka Dall is especially yummy. Great service every time too!

Steve Godfrey, Milton Keynes at Dec 12, 2020

Exceptional food

Exceptional food. Love it!

Alicja Tomey, Milton Keynes at Oct 24, 2020

A1 all round

A1 all round

albert campbell, miton keynes at Sep 19, 2020

Very good food

Very good food. On the rare occasion the body of the curries can be to thin and the consistency flavour profile wise can vary. The Golden Curry is overall one of the best Indian restaurants i have eaten at. I recommend the following dishes; Sattay karai massala Murgh brandy satta Lamb chilli mazza (this is stated as "very hot" in the menu description but in my experience it has less heat than a madras and is well worth a try).

daniel cooper, Milton Keynes at Aug 6, 2020

Absolutely fantastic

Absolutely fantastic

Tina Seymour, Milton Keynes at Jul 24, 2020

Love your food!

Love your food! Great bunch of guys. Never had a bad meal

Pearl Bauk, Milton Keynes at Jul 11, 2020

Best Curry in Milton Keynes

Best Curry in Milton Keynes wouldn't go anywhere else.. Food is always piping hot just how it should be

Tracey Park, Milton Keynes at Jul 6, 2020

This is the best Indian restaurant for miles

This is the best Indian restaurant for miles. Have been going here for years. Staff are very friendly. 5 Star

Jackie S, Milton Keynes at Jun 27, 2020

Always wonderful food

Always wonderful food

gina davies, Milton Keynes at Jun 26, 2020

***** Star

Best food we have eaten in lockdown, delivered hot, fresh and delicious and on time. ***** Star

Karan Phillips, Milton Keynes at May 19, 2020

Best Indian in MK.

Best Indian in MK.

pauls ayers, Milton keynes at May 17, 2020

Never been disappointed

I've never been disappointed with the food, wether im in the restaurant, or having a takeaway.

Paul Forman, bletchley at May 16, 2020

We don't go anywhere else

Best curry in Bletchley. Amazing customer service. Really decent portions. And perfect, delicious, hot food everytime! We don't go anywhere else.

Aniela Tomey, Bletchley at May 16, 2020

Best Indian in MK.

Best Indian in MK.

Mark Firth, Milton Keynes at May 2, 2020


Superb- best curry in MK

Gary Bell, Bletchley at Apr 26, 2020

This is the best Indian restaurant in MK

This is the best Indian restaurant in MK. We order from here a couple of times a month and the food always comes on time and hot. Tastes lovely - what more could you want.

Chris Margetts, Bletchley at Apr 18, 2020

The best curry house in MK

The best curry house in MK without a doubt!!!

Daniela Bright, Milton keynes at Apr 18, 2020

Excellent food

Excellent food at an excellent price

Collin Flintoff, Milton Keynes at Apr 4, 2020

Food is fantastic

Great and easy to use website. Food is fantastic.

Kelly Newman, Bletchley at Apr 3, 2020

Over thirty years

for over thirty years this is the best ever indian resturant

Heather Turner, Milton Keynes at Mar 2, 2020

Always great service!

Always great service!

karl goshawk, drayton parslow at Jan 17, 2020

Best Indian

Best Indian in Milton Keynes

Janina Pownall, Milton Keynes at Dec 13, 2019

Always great food

Always great food and delivered hot

Brian Kirby, Milton Keynes at Oct 12, 2019

Always loved Golden Curry

Always loved Golden Curry but on the odd occasion they must use a different chef as chicken korma has not been the usual thick sauce & pilau rice has not been so nice.

Liz Gubby, Bletchley Milton keynes at Oct 11, 2019

Excellent curry house

Excellent curry house. Great selection of dishes and always delivered on time.

LILLIAN Baker, Milton Keynes at Oct 5, 2019

One of the best

This has to be one of the best take away's in MK I would say!!! Love it

Lorraine Rawson, Wavendon Gate, Milton Keynes at Sep 13, 2019

Best Indian restaurant in Milton Keynes.

Best Indian restaurant in Milton Keynes.

Richard Milne, Milton Keynes at Aug 20, 2019

Best curry house in Milton Keynes

Best curry house in Milton Keynes

Jonathan Coakley, Milton Keynes at Aug 9, 2019

Best curry

Best curry and service in Milton Keynes.

Guy Wagstaff, Milton Keynes at Jun 15, 2019

Simply the best

Simply the best

Mark Roscoe, Bletchley at Jun 7, 2019

Great food, amazing service

Great food, amazing service, one of the best curry's I have tasted in Milton Keynes.

Dexter Ismail, Milton Keynes at Jun 7, 2019

Always excellent

Always excellent service

andrew jones, Bletchley at Jun 2, 2019

Food is always lovely

Food is always lovely great service

Jacqueline Simpson, Milton Keynes at Mar 31, 2019

Thank you Golden Curry!

Great curry last night. Thank you Golden Curry!

Janet, Milton Keynes at Mar 10, 2019

Best Indian in Bletchley

amazing food great service either home delivery or in house in restaurant best indian in bletchley

Diane Carrington, Bletchley at Jan 11, 2019

Great takeaway

Great takeaway

Alison Siggers, Bletchley at Dec 24, 2018

Still the best Indian

I have lived here for over 30 years & this is still the best indian, eat in or takeaway.

Victor Edwards, Bletchley at Dec 22, 2018

Excellent food & great prices

Excellent food & great prices., recommended to all.

Victor Edwards, Bletchley at Dec 22, 2018

Great food every time

Great service. I commented on a couple of discrepancies on the notes section and the delivery driver acknowledged which shows that the customer is listened to. Great food every time.

Senga McClellan, Milton Keynes at Nov 30, 2018

Wonderful tasty food

wonderful tasty food with a delicate hint of India

len claridge, Milton Keynes at Nov 19, 2018

Excellent food

excellent food, quick delivery

Sue McCarthy, Milton Keynes at Nov 17, 2018

Lovely food

Lovely food well recommended

georgia roche, MILTON KEYNES at Nov 16, 2018

Great food,fantastic service

Great food,fantastic service

David North, blethchley at Nov 13, 2018

One of, if not the best curry house in MK

One of, if not the best curry house in MK

Liz Morgan, MK at Oct 14, 2018

Food always fresh and tasty

Food always fresh and tasty. Quick delivery too!

Paul, Bletchley at Sep 20, 2018

Best Indian restaurant in Bletchley

Best Indian restaurant in Bletchley. Takeaways always consistently good quality. Generous portions,would recommend

keef madigan, bletchley at Sep 15, 2018

Best Vindaloo I've ever had

best vindaloo ive ever had, this place beats every other indian ive evertasted, highly recommend

patsy ocallaghan, milton keynes at Sep 9, 2018

Best Indian around

Best Indian around here by far

Sarah Haughian, bletchley at Sep 4, 2018

Love my curry!

Love my curry!

Paul Tooman, Bletchley at Sep 1, 2018

Great food

Great food and service at the Golden Curry

Bernard Atherton, Milton Keynes at Aug 24, 2018

Always good food

Always good food

Warren Day, Bletchley at Aug 18, 2018

Great food

Great food

Julian Reid, Milton keynes at Aug 17, 2018

Good food

Good food

justin faulkner, Bletchley at Aug 9, 2018


Fantastic curry and fantastic service 5 star !!!!!!

Jason eldridge, Milton Keynes at Jul 6, 2018

Highly recommend

Been in Bletchley 20 years this August and never knew about Golden Curry. Would Highly recommend and will be returning to order again. We be telling friends and family to try. Delicious

Angela Baker Khan, Milton Keynes at Jul 4, 2018

Love this curry house

love this curry house always use them

michaela hannam, milton keynes at May 18, 2018

Best Curry

Best Curry in Milton Keynes !! Hands Down 5 STAR

neil robson, milton keynes at May 6, 2018

Great food

Great food great service

Doll Downard, Emerson valley at May 5, 2018



Dominic Burns, Milton Keynes at Apr 28, 2018

very good.

I have been visiting the golden curry restaurant since the late 1980s and it has been a pleasureable expereience every time . The staff are polite and helpful and the food is always very good.and great value for money. .The restaurant has changed over the years but the service has always remained the same, very good.

John Harris, Milton Keynes at Apr 14, 2018


One of the best curries

CLIVE REDFORD, Milton Keynes at Apr 14, 2018


Love the food here and the staff are all very lovely

Clare Roffey, Milton keynes at Apr 13, 2018


Lovely curry.recommended you try

Linda Davis, Bletchley at Apr 8, 2018

never been disappointed

Have been ordering from here regularly for the last 2 or 3 years and have never been disappointed. Food is always really good and delivery is prompt. Recommend the Tava Nawabi and the Cauliflower Bhaji is delicious too!

Darren Berrecloth, Bletchley at Mar 23, 2018

Good food, good price

Good food, good price, good delivery and great to able to order on line with a thorough menu. Must come and eat in soon

Samantha Kettle, Newton Leys at Jan 28, 2018

Best Curry

Best Curry in the area

Mike L, milton keyens at Dec 10, 2017

This one is our favorite by far

We are happy with the food we’ve ordered so far. In the last 4 years we have been trying lots of Indian take away around Milton Keynes this one is our favorite by far. Great tasting food not greasy or salty (well seasoned food) well balanced spice. My wife is extremely fussy she and it’s her favorite.

A&C , Milton Keynes at Nov 18, 2017

Cracking service

ordered for a 6.00-6.30, arrived at 6 on the dot. Cracking service

Rob Cuss, MILTON KEYNES at Nov 11, 2017

Tried the rest but always return

We have been using GC for over 20 years since we moved from London, tried the rest but always return.

Laurence Coxon, Milton Keynes at Nov 11, 2017

Great food

great food and service would definitely recommend you to friends

nikki power, beanhill at Oct 11, 2017

Happy with food

Happy with food. Fast delivery

Bob Bashford, Wavendon gate at Sep 27, 2017

Spot on as usual

Spot on as usual. Great food, great service and delivery was bang on time.

Simon Hunt, Bletchley at Sep 10, 2017

Exceptional, quality food

Exceptional, quality food. Delicious!

Mike Byron, Bletchley at Sep 8, 2017

Highly recommended!

Have used golden curry for many years, and the food is consistently of a good standard, would choose this Indian everytime and highly recommend.

clare , milton keynes at Sep 7, 2017

one of the best

Have been using the Golden Curry for years, I believe its one of the first in Milton Keynes, Its certainly one of the best

roy bain, milton keynes at Sep 6, 2017

Lovely food every time

Lovely food every time we go to golden curry and great service best indin irestaurants in Milton Keynes

Eileen Clarke, milton keynes bletchley at Sep 6, 2017

Food is fantastic

Food is fantastic. My boyfriend has moved from London and he agrees best Indian in Bletchley. Banquet nights are the best

Wendy Flanagan, at Sep 5, 2017

Always happy

Have ordered from golden curry for years now. Always happy with the takeaway. Fast delivery, always hot and tastes delicious!! Would highly recommend.

Maria Hayles, Milton Keynes at Sep 5, 2017

great food

Great staff, great food. Always a great experience

Steve Snook, at Sep 5, 2017

best curry

For me the best curry restaurant in Milton Keynes, dishes cooked to order and heat preference. Lovely staff, they know who we are just from our order over the phone, and always make you feel welcome .

Stuart Gibson, Milton Keynes at Sep 5, 2017

food outstanding

The Golden Curry, is a fantastic restaurant. Not only is the food outstanding, the staff treat you like a king !

dave embury, milton keynes at Sep 5, 2017

tasty food

A good, fairly cheap place to eat, tasty food, nice service, not to many large groups, plenty of parking.

Trev , MILTON KEYNES at Sep 5, 2017

Lovely food and staff!

Fav Curry always has been. Lovely food and staff!

trish McErlane, at Sep 5, 2017

Always good quality

Always good quality. Never come out of restaurant feeling hungry.

Christopher Taunt, Milton Keynes at Sep 5, 2017

Consistently good food

Consistently good food and the best king prawn saag ever

Jonathan Savage, Bucks at Sep 5, 2017

Thoroughly recommended from us.

We are so lucky to have Golden Curry as our local Indian restaurant. Even though we only live down the road, we often order food for delivery as they get it to us to quickly and it's still nice and hot when it arrives. We've NEVER had a disappointing curry from Golden Curry and we are always really impressed with the fresh taste and the decent amount of meat you get in every dish. Thoroughly recommended from us. Tummy is rolling around now - might place an order!

Joanne Mannion, Buckingham Road, Bletchley at Sep 5, 2017

Great food and reasonable prices

Great food and reasonable prices I joined the club and get money off vouchers well worth joining

david harrison, Bletchley at Sep 5, 2017

Always a great curry

Always a great curry, good delivery service and an excellent staff at all times. Never a bad meal

dan costello, bletchley at Sep 5, 2017

Nothing but praise

Nothing but praise for the Golden Curry. It's been my number 1 curry restaurant in MK since the 1980's Great choice, great food, great service.

Ed, Milton Keynes at Jan 12, 2017

never been disappointed

I have used this restaurant for a number of years now and I have never been disappointed. The staff are very helpful and are always there if you need to ask about a dish. Keep up the good work guys!!

Helen, Bletchley at Dec 10, 2016

very high standard

Have been eating at the Golden Curry since 1988. Have always had wonderful food and attentive service. Whether you eat in the restaurant or order a take away the food and service is too a very high standard. Mark

Mark, Excellent Food! at Sep 8, 2016

definitely order again soon

Absolutely delicious, food was amazing ,mouth watering ,will definitely order again soon

kelly, at Jun 10, 2016

definitely order again

Absolutely delicious, food was amazing ,mouth watering ,will definitely order again soon

kelly, at Jun 10, 2016